Some notes about the wood below:

There are so many variations to all of these, just look up ebony and you’ll see that it’s more than just a dark black wood, you find some variations with some very contrasting grains. If any of these woods strike you, look them up to see what variations are out there.

In another sense, there’s even more variation in all of these woods just by seeing them at different angles and in different lights, at different points in their life, with different finishes or not finished at all. So again, search the woods that interest you online to get a good sense of what you’re likely to see in your finished product.

Some of these woods are endangered or at-risk. Despite being a one man shop, I don’t want to contribute to this anymore than I have to. I have a few work-arounds available like using veneers or making use of these woods as accent pieces only. And I am in a good position with the products I make scaling from large to very small, this means not a lot of wood gets thrown in the garbage. The smallest item are my finger button inserts. These are about the size of a nickel, meaning my larger scrap parts can be consumed almost completely if the demand is there.

I do have access to other wood, just email me if you don’t see something you are interested in.